PC Based Recording and Monitoring Systems


The  Cetacean Research™ PC Based Noise Monitoring and Recording Systems are powerful and portable underwater noise recording, measurement, and analysis system when interfaced with your laptop running Windows operating system. This system provides recording, as well as real-time and post-processing analysis of underwater signals and noise. It is possible to record signals up to 22.050 kHz with a standard sound card onboard your computer and up to 96 kHz with SpectraDAQ-200 USB computer interface device.    

Because this system can withstand large signals without overloading (up to 220 dB), it is ideal for measuring very loud noises such as those produced by pile drivers, air guns, low-frequency and mid-range sonar, and explosives. In addition, the low system noise and large dynamic range of the system allows it to measure quieter ambient sound levels (down to 55 dB).

The system includes the following integrated components:

- One (or two) spot calibrated, multi-purpose Cetacean Research™ hydrophones
CR1/CR1A or CR3 or C57 or C75 or C305

- SpectraDAQ-200 calibrated USB computer interface

- SpectraPLUS signal recording and analysis software with a variety of processing options

Hydrophone + SpectraDAQ-200 Data Acquisition Module + SpectraPLUS Software


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