Portable Recorders


Many Cetacean Research Technology hydrophone systems can be turned into portable underwater recording systems by adding a portable recorder to the system. Certain recorders usually pair better with specific hydrophones. There are too many combinations to list, with our C57, C75, C305 and CR3 hydrophones and Tascam DR-22WL or Tascam DR-44WL or Tascam DR-100MkIII portable recorders, so please see our recommendations on below link to get a general idea of what we have available. Then contact us and tell us your recording requirements, and we'll make recommendations that will work best for you. 

You can configure your portable system with Tascam's portable recorders an additionally with SpectraPLUS software to analyze and post process recorded data. 

C75-DR100   (C75 hydrophone and DR-100MkIII recorder)        

C57-DR100   (C57 hydrophone and DR-100MkIII recorder)

C75-DR100-SP  (C75 hydrophone and DR-100MkIII recorder and SpectraPLUS software)     

C57-DR100-SP (C57 hydrophone and DR-100MkIII recorder and SpectraPLUS software)



TASCAM DR-22WL Reference Manual

TASCAM DR-44WL Reference Manual

TASCAM DR-100MkIII Reference Manual

Please contact us for your inquiries.