SEASONIC Digital Hydrophone

SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone

SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone is designed for underwater noise monitoring and underwater noise recording either with a personal computer of integrated in a ROV or AUV or UUV or onboard an oceanographic buoy. SeaSonic is equipped by the following sub-systems:

- Sensor Cetacean Research Technologies' CR1/CR1A or CR3 hydrophones 
(Other hydrophones as per customer requirements are applicable to integrate)
- Hardware  Signal DAQ-4 Data Acquisition Board (with Analogue Signal Conditioning) 
- Software SignalSOFT 

Hydrophone signal is conditioned in analogue domain (preamplify, filter and control automatic gain) and digitized by embedded Signal DAQ-4 data acquisition module in the underwater housing. SeaSonic is controlled by the software SignalSOFT where operators can start / stop data acquisition and data recording and can set the gain of each channel of Signal-DAQ-4 board. SeaSonic is also controlled to start / stop data acquisition and data recording by means of a scheduled or programmed operation via SignalSOFT Software. 

Frequency Range CR1/CR1A 0 - 48 kHz, CR3 0 - 77 kHz (-/+ 3 dB linear)
Sampling Rate 192 kHz
Sensitivity CR1/CR1A -198 dB, CR3 -210 dB re 1V/µPa
Max Operating Depth CR1/CR1A 100 m, CR3 250 m
Operating Temperature CR1/CR1A -25 to +60 ºC, CR3 -40 to +90 º
Directionality CR1/CR1A Omnidirectional below 10 kHz, CR3 Omnidirectional
Input Voltage 9 - 36 VDC
Power Consumption 200 mA when supplied 24 VD (4.8 W) 
Cable Length 10 m (standard) (optional longer cables up to 85 m long are available)   
Weight 5.6 kg (without the underwater cable)

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