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SonarTech designs, develops and manufactures underwater acoustics systems to provide customers Maritime Security and Maritime Domain Awareness along with a long term experience of production of underwater acoustics and sonar systems. Experience is exposed by Passive Sonar, Diver Detection Sonar, Anti Submarine Warfare Sonar and Torpedo Detection Sonar development and production after long applied research studies and with the experience gained by serving the underwater acoustics society for more than 20 years within the Navy and in the different organizations, research centers and private companies.

We supply underwater noise measurement and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) systems, hydrophones, SignalSOFT signal recording and analysis software, PingCheck sonar performance prediction software, SonaPro sonar processing software to embed in a variety of sonar systems as well as turnkey low-cost and compact sonar systems including relevant software, hardware, electronics and mechanical items. We provide consultancy and training about underwater acoustics, oceanography, sonar systems and signal analysis. We also provide system engineering services for sonar design, prototyping and production.

We resell hydrophones and PAM systems from Cetacean Research Technology for commercial whale watching, industrial engineering, ambient noise monitoring, marine mammal monitoring, recreation, tourism, education, art and research purposes. We are authorized to resell in Israel, Pakistan, Georgia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

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