µRUDAR U/W Signal Recorder

µRUDAR Autonomous Underwater Signal Recorder

Extended Life (up to 16.5 days) micro Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder (µRUDAR)

The Cetacean Research™ µRUDAR-mk2™(micro Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder) is a very compact, short-term, autonomous recording device that is designed for fast and easy deployment in a wide range of applications.

Uses of the  µRUDAR-mk2™ range from remote detection of methane bubbles to recording wild cetacean vocalizations for periods of more than sixteen days.

This easy-to-use recording system can be deployed to depths of up to 100m and will provide more than 5 days of continuous 24-bit, 96kHz sample-rate data acquisition, and up to 16.5 days at 16-bit/44kHz sample-rate.

As with the  nRUDAR-mk2™, the µRUDAR-mk2™ also have the capability to control recording transport and file transfer via WiFi from a smart phone or tablet app.

The  µRUDAR-mk2™ uses the same hydrophone element and preamplifier as our Sensor Technology SQ26-08 hydrophone along with a 24-bit, 96kHz digital recorder.

Specifications of µRUDAR
– Exceptionally easy to use
– From16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/96kHz sample rate and 45kHz bandwidth
– Up to 16.5 days continuous recording time
– Over 5 days of continuous recording time when sampling at 24-bit/96kHz
– BWF file format for easy editing and analysis using SpectraPLUS software
– Threshold-triggered recording feature
– WiFi recording control and file transfer capability
– Selectable file size rollover from five minutes to one hour
– Hydrophone sensitivity of -169dB, re. 1V/μPa
– 100m depth rating
– Powered by 8x D-cell plus (optionally) 2x AA-cell Alkaline batteries
– 17.5” Long x 4.5” Diameter. 4lbs w/out batteries and 6.5lbs with 8 D-cells.


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