Industrial Monitoring

Cetacean Research Technology produces a broad selection of hydrophone systems designed for the recording and analysis of underwater noise, and other engineering and industrial applications. These systems include calibrated hydrophones, computer interfaces or hand-held recorders, and signal recording and analysis software. As an add-on support service to these hydrophone systems, we offer concise training sessions that are tailored to teach you how to operate your system in order to achieve your specific monitoring goals.

If you don’t see a hydrophone system on this page meets your requirements, please contact us so that we may provide you with a custom system that will fit your unique underwater monitoring and analysis needs.







nRUDAR-Mk2™ (nano Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder)

µRUDAR-mk2™ (micro Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder)

RUDAR™ (Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder)

Acoustimetrics Acousonde

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