SignalSOFT-Signal Analysis Software

SignalSOFT Signal Analysis and Recording Software SignalSOFT allows operators to monitor, record and play back the signal acquired from the hydrophones with the following ways:  1. From computer's internal or external sound card via a analogues signal cable 2. From SonarTech's SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone and from DAQ boards via ethernet 3. From any file recorded in standard wave format Either acquired from the sound card or from DAQ board or SeaSonic digital hydrophone, hydrophone signal is recor...

SpectraPLUS-Signal Analysis Software

SpectraPLUS Signal Analysis and Recording Software SonarTech, in association with Cetacean Research Technologies and with the software manufacturer Pioneer Hill Software LLC, is pleased to provide spectral analysis software for the Bioacoustics and Underwater Sound Communities worldwide. SpectraPLUS-SC provides real time, recording/playback and post processing of up to two channels. Features a comprehensive set of displays for spectrum, time series and phase measurements as well as advanced joint time and frequency analysis (spectrogra...

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