Cetacean Research Technology began manufacturing hydrophones originally for the research and professional audio community in 1994. We continue to offer a vast range of hydrophone systems designed to meet the demanding requirements of underwater acousticians, oceanographers, marine mammal scientists, fisheries biologists, audio engineers, fine artists, and anyone else requiring impeccable audio quality and a very broad frequency response. Because there are so many possible hydrophone system combinations, only our more common systems are listed on this page.

If you don’t see a system that meets your needs, please contact us and we will help put together the best hydrophone system for you.

C75-DR100 Hydrophone System

C75-DR100-SP Hydrophone System

C57-DR100 Hydrophone System

C57-DR100-SP Hydrophone System

C57-200-SP Hydrophone System

CR3-200-SP Hydrophone System

CR1-200-SP Hydrophone System

C57 2x2 Hydrophone System

C57-PAS Hydrophone System

CR1-UDP Hydrophone System

SQ26-H1 Portable Underwater Sound Recording System

C56-DR680 Hydrophone System

C56-DR680-SP Hydrophone System

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