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SpectraDAQ-200 SpectraDAQ-200 is a precision data acquisition sound card optimized for test and measurement applications. Designed specifically for use with SpectraPLUS it features fixed gain steps for easy calibration to the transducer sensitivity, IEPE power for accelerometers or microphones, and standard BNC connectors. It is housed in a rugged steel case and powered by USB 3.0. Excellent Performance The A/D and D/A converters are state of the art and provide incredible dynamic range and extremely low distortion. Direct Calibrati...


TURNKEY UNDERWATER SIGNAL and NOISE MONITORING and RECORDING SYSTEMS Our turnkey systems include the following integrated components: - One (or two) spot calibrated, multi-purpose Cetacean Research™ hydrophones CR1/CR1A or CR3 or C57 or C75 or C305 - SpectraDAQ-200 calibrated USB computer interface - SpectraPLUS signal recording and analysis software with a variety of processing options Hydrophone + SpectraDAQ-200 Data Acquisition Module + SpectraPLUS Software Our turnkey underwater measurement syt...

Whale Watching

Cetacean Research Technology produces a selection of hydrophone systems that we routinely suggest for commercial whale watching operations. These hydrophone systems are easy to operate and provide superior audio quality, so your passengers will be able hear all the sounds whales, dolphins, and porpoises produce within the human hearing range. SQ26 - H1 Portable Underwater Signal / Noise Recording System CR1 - UDP Hydrophone System C57 - PAS Hydrophone System

Industrial Monitoring

Cetacean Research Technology produces a broad selection of hydrophone systems designed for the recording and analysis of underwater noise, and other engineering and industrial applications. These systems include calibrated hydrophones, computer interfaces or hand-held recorders, and signal recording and analysis software. As an add-on support service to these hydrophone systems, we offer concise training sessions that are tailored to teach you how to operate your system in order to achieve your specific monitoring goals. If you don&rsqu...

Recreational, Education, Tourism

Cetacean Research Technology produces low cost hydrophone systems designed for recreational, tourism, educational, and artistic use. These entry-level systems are easy to use and allow the user to start listening to the amazing world of underwater sounds within minutes. In addition, while these hydrophone systems comprise our entry-level offerings, they all provide a frequency range of more than twice that of human hearing, making them readily expandable to more demanding applications. SQ26-H1 Portable Underwater Sound Recording System ...


Cetacean Research Technology began manufacturing hydrophones originally for the research and professional audio community in 1994. We continue to offer a vast range of hydrophone systems designed to meet the demanding requirements of underwater acousticians, oceanographers, marine mammal scientists, fisheries biologists, audio engineers, fine artists, and anyone else requiring impeccable audio quality and a very broad frequency response. Because there are so many possible hydrophone system combinations, only our more common systems are lis...

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