SpectraDAQ-200 is a precision data acquisition sound card optimized for test and measurement applications. Designed specifically for use with SpectraPLUS it features fixed gain steps for easy calibration to the transducer sensitivity, IEPE power for accelerometers or microphones, and standard BNC connectors. It is housed in a rugged steel case and powered by USB 3.0.

Excellent Performance

The A/D and D/A converters are state of the art and provide incredible dynamic range and extremely low distortion.

Direct Calibration

The input channels provide 4 fixed gain steps. This allows SpectraPLUS to be calibrated directly to volts, millivolts or to the transducer sensitivity providing quick and accurate calibration for microphones, accelerometers and other sensors.

Please download datasheet of SpectraDAQ-200 SpectraDAQ-200_Datasheet


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